Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Hi, I'm Catherine Lavallée-Welch, made very recently Associate Librarian for the University of South Florida at Lakeland (that was... 19 days ago. Previously, I was at the Kersey Library of Engineering, Physical Science and Technology at the University of Louisville). I am the first USF librarian on this growing campus. In a few years time, a brand new campus, with a brand new library, will be built. Meanwhile, I will help faculty and students from all departments, including Engineering and IT.

I am an exiled Canadian from Montréal, who was last in Toronto some 10 years ago. I also the publisher of the Englib blog. I am presenting in the panel "Blogging and RSSing the Librarian Way" Monday, June 6 (very regretably at the same time as the CS Roundtable and the All-Sciences Poster Session). I will be moderating the "Science of Hockey" session on Tuesday, June 7.

The Internet access fees at my hotel are ridiculous. I am told that the Convention Center has some wireless access so I may blog there or at the suite.

I am looking for a "I blog" button or a "RSS/XML" orange button (as commented upon on the SLA Conference blog) - if you have leads, please let me know. If a formal meeting of bloggers can be difficult to set up, I hope to meet you around a corner or a corridor, at least.


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