Sunday, June 05, 2005

Already running out of time

It's Sunday night and I'm already running out of time. It's hard to blog for free here; it's the first time I'm actually on the computer today. The Internet access provided by IoP in the PAM suite is going to be very sweet indeed (although this is not where I am now...) thanks to them.

Went to mostly Sci-Tech Division events today but I'm hoping to hit the PAM suite tonight.

Went to a small gathering of bloggers today at C'est What. Always nice to put a face with a name (J, Garreth, Eli, Von, Terri Vogel, Martha and Christina, who I had already met).


Blogger Sara R. T. LA said...

i hear ya catherine. can't get around my work laptop firewall to use the royal york's hs net conx, and msn apparently has no canadian dial up nodes, aargh. so long distancing for now. will get to the suite this am hopefully.

4:30 AM  
Blogger j said...

Hello Catherine,

It's Garrett, actually. Not Garreth.

= )

1:59 PM  

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