Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Hi everyone. I'm John Dupuis, Acting Head of the Steacie Science & Engineering Library at York University in Toronto. I do liaison and collections here at York in math, stats, computer science, information technology, engineering and history of science. Up until recently I also did physics and astronomy, but I've temporarily given up those areas while I'm acting head. My blog is Confessions of a Science Librarian. My own background is in computer science, which has come to influence CoaSL more and more over time.

At the conference, I'll be moderating the Computer Science Roundtable on Monday at 11:30. I'll be posting the final agenda here shortly. Tragically, the RT is opposite the PAM/Chemistry/SciTech Poster session, the session on Who Owns Scientific Knowledge, a session on Blogging & RSS and the Standards Roundtable. I'm also part of the Hospitality Committee, so I expect to spend a lot of time in the PAM suite.

As for blogging at the conference, I expect to do much of my blogging in the suite or perhaps even when I get home in the evening. I hope to manage a least a post or two per day. My blog is also one of the "Blogs of Note" on the official SLA Conference Blog, which was a pleasant surprise but which also means I should probably post there a couple of times too. I'm not sure how I'll balance posting in the two, but we'll see.


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