Friday, June 08, 2007

Astronomy Roundtable I

A brief bulleted list of discussion topics that came up at the Astro RT I, moderated by Joe Murphy and Sara Russell Gonzales:

* DOI and page number issues and changes. Do we mind if page numbers go away? (Consensus seemed to be yes!) Lots of discussion about this one.

* Introductions around the room.

* A notice that the core lists of astronomy and physics books need to be updated.

* Anyone using PhysMathCentral? (Like biomed central.)

* A notice that the Yerkes Observatory library has been officially closed.

* Does anyone do chargeback or recovery fees to departments for information services provided by the library and/or staff? (Several places do.)

* Institutional repositories - is anyone putting in astronomer's data sets? (Brief mention of the NVO and VSO.)

* Poster sessions and topics.

Astronomy Roundtable I

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