Sunday, June 03, 2007


Frederick Dylla, new AIP Pres., launched, then there were marketing language oriented remarks from Barbara Lange of IEEE then ? did a live demo for us. I agree, Christina, there is lots more for them to do!
The basic search screen is shown here. Very basic, but the cleanness is nice.

Random Notes:
  • But it is an interesting start for a cross-disciplinary when you mean engineering and physics, mostly, search.
  • Actually, I am thinking of promoting Scitopia as a basic international PATENT search engine. We learned in response to Randy's question that one cannot search by patent classes ("yet" the vendors said; and, to be fair, it is beta), but nevertheless the fact they index and link to USPTO, AND EPO and JPO, makes it attractive!
  • Also, like the OSA and SPIE additions...I can see some of our engineers could like this for cross platform (more than the physicists I am thinking)
  • The "today's clippings" has GOTTA go as the name for marked records! AND they GOTTA have a "my Scitopia" so one can save these results.
  • Of course, the societies' databases to which they link do have personalization functions, and lots of the other stuff we were all asking for....


Blogger Michael White said...

Scitopia may be an interesting metasearch engine for sci-tech lit, but I would not promote it as an international patent search tool... at least not yet.

A few test searches in Scitopia retrieved some shockingly bad results compared to the national patent office and third-party database. For example, I searched semiconductor researcher "Shunpei Yamazaki" (allegedly the world's most prolific inventor) in Scitopia and several other databases. The results:

Scitopia = 14 (all EP docs from espacenet)
espacenet = 7288 (EP, US, WO, etc.)
FreePatentsOnline = 3195 (US + EP)
USPTO = 3019 (US only)

If it can run a simple name search, can you trust it in other searches?

7:02 PM  
Blogger Sara T. said...

Oh wow, thanks for checking Mike!
USEFUL precautionary test and note!

7:16 PM  

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