Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Centennial Video Contest

Go to the SLA Wiki page for more information on the video contest.

The founders of SLA had a vision for how to fill the networking and educational needs of special librarians. With the forming of SLA in 1909, these fabled past leaders created an amazing professional association. For 100 years SLA has grown and transformed itself, and the association that started as one idea, by one person, now serves a global market of over 11,000 information professionals, librarians, and their partners.

In 2009 SLA celebrates its 100th birthday and as we look toward a second century of service, we are asking the questions:

  • What will the next 100 years of connecting people and information look like?
  • Can you peer into the future and see SLA's leaders of tomorrow?
  • Do you have an inspired vision of how SLA's members will change in 25, 50, or even 100 years?

Celebrate SLA's Centennial with your video representation of SLA's information professional of the future.

Rules and Guidelines

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