Thursday, May 26, 2005

Third Canadian Introduction

Greetings from Edmonton. My name is Randy Reichardt, I am Information Services Librarian (Engineering) at the Science & Technology Library, University of Alberta, and have worked here since the dawn of civilization 1983. In a previous subject liaison life, I was responsible for mathematics and statistics. Since 2000, I have worked with chemical and materials engineering, mechanical engineering, nanotechnology, engineering management, and related fields.

I publish two blogs, one personal, and the other being STLQ (SciTech Library Question). I will be moderating the Standards Roundtable at SLA on Monday, June 6th, 1130-1300 hrs. I will also be up to my eyeballs in Engineering Division mtgs, assorted breakfasts, and various social events. My hotel is the Holiday Inn on King, which charges for 'net access in rooms, but I don't know what the cost is - no doubt a stiff one. (Oops, no it doesn't, either. I just called the hotel, and they said the web site is incorrect, they used to charge for 'net access in rooms, but now it's free!)

Unlike Catherine's and John's, STLQ is not one of the "Blogs of Note" listed on the SLA Conference Blog. I can report, however, that I have recovered from the initial shock and subsequent pain of being excluded, although I suspect I could be scarred for life as a result. Hope to meet many of you at the conference.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Randy! STLQ is wonderful! It's one of the few blogs that I have the patience to reference, from time to time. I also recommend it to other people! I was first aware of it from subscribing to the Eldnet listserv.. it's great! take heart- the efforts of you and the others who contribute to it (and keep it so well-structured) are much appreciated! -Laurinda Alcorn, AT&T Research

11:41 AM  
Blogger David said...

Randy, I'm (Catalogablog) not a blog of note either. I wonder how they missed such excellent ones. Makes me question their judgement.

8:54 AM  

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