Sunday, June 05, 2005

Notes from the PAM-wide Roundtable

We just came out of the PAM-wide round table moderated by Susan Fingerman of JHU/APL. Look out in the upcoming PAM Bulletin for the full set of notes. Here are some highlights:
  • Based on the results on the SLA bylaws change, PAM may/will change the start/end date for the terms of the officers to correspond to the fiscal calendar -- See Cynthia Holt
  • Programming of the conference is changing to de-dup the sessions. PAM may also add a new position to assist the officers in conference planning.
  • New Logo: is absolutely fabulous. There are 2 versions designed by an IOP graphic designer on donated time. We can see them on the PAM site or printed in the PAM suite. Please provide feedback. We can accept either of these, keep what we've got, or ask for changes to these
  • Douglas F. from AIP clarified the situation discussed on PAMnet with regards to MAIK Nauka (sp?) journals.
  • Physics Today -- they are trying to figure a way to both keep it strictly as a bene. of membership and provide some better online access. They may offer it full text online with a 12 month embargo. Stay tuned.
  • Intereresting discussion of "information commons" and what that means. This needs more attention, so I'll try to post more later.
  • I've gotten the e-mails of several more potential PAM bloggers and invites have been sent. If I missed you, e-mail me at cpikas {at} gmail {dot} com.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

About 'Information Commons:' Remarks were made during the Roundtable implying that it was a good thing to direct/push the students to use Microsoft tools (such as powerpoint.) Unfortunately there was not the time to respond to this, so I'm doing so here:
I respectfully disagree. MS tools and operating systems are disparaged by many leading CS/Math scientists, in my experience. If a student wants to be considered for placement at a (highly selective) industrial R&D lab, such as where I work, s/he had better be very comfortable with tools running on Linux, Unix, Mac, Sun.. you name it. Linux is primary. The Microsoft environment is close to last on the list. I hope that a diversity of systems will be made available to such students.
-Laurinda Alcorn, AT&T Shannon Laboratory Research Library (NJ)

2:28 PM  

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