Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Random Notes from the PAM Business Meeting

PR toolkit for PAM
Survey via surveymonkey for strategic planning

Physics translations-
Bob Michaelson
Link from dpam page. Updates to the database.
Resources for the history of physics S. Brush University of Maryland list of classic papers and edited collections and translations into/out of English. List became a basis for the PAM list. Newer translations in the open literature since 1972 added. Expanding now beyond physics to chem. physics, etc. These are things you can get to readily (not stuck in some archive box in the “translation center”)

Jarhbuch Project – PAM Division Award
(digitization, commentary, MSC codes, indexing, translations of article titles into English, linking to scanned full text – more than 15k now). It’s freely available or as part of Zentralblatt Math.

Kris Fowler -- PAM Achievement Award
Amazing work from her. See her fabulous book on Using the Mathematics Literature, numerous publications on the math literature, work on the government documents, etc.


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