Monday, January 23, 2006

SLA Leadership Summit - Final Thoughts

Friday night Joe Kraus & I joined Debra Bailey & her husband for dinner at a Tex Mex restaurant in Houston Heights. We then got a tour of some of the interesting architecture of the Museum District and a tour of the library at Rice University (which is currently under extensive renovation). We ended the evening at The Chocolate Bar.

On Saturday morning, I attended the open session of the Board of Directors meetings. It was a continuation of the Wednesday meeting, and was mostly reports from the Task Forces - you can read the reports at the SLA website. I only heard through Alliance & Partners report as I had to leave to catch my shuttle to the airport.

There were 2 other bloggers at the conference - the blogging section of SLA's IT Division blog and Marydee Ojala, editor of Online Magazine on the Online Insider blog. Check out their blogs for other perspectives of the Summit.


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Thanks for blogging. It was very helpful.

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