Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Notes from Astro II

University of Hawaii at Manoa Flood
Phyllis Tabusa

Photographs are available on the U of H library website. 9” of rain in 6 hours, 50 year flood, debris formed a dam at a bridge, then washed over the banks.

Gov docs – 95% lost. Comprehensive depository library since 1907. Also a UN depository.

Library school class trapped in the basement. They had to throw a chair out of a window and climb out over broken glass.

• Keep backup files off site
• Hire someone to do the documentation and replacement
• Look at the Library Disaster Planning Handbook

They’ve got some donations from BYU (Oahu) and UN. But will not be able to replace a ton of things that are local to Hawaii.

ADS Update
Donna Thompson, H-S CfA

• Notification service (also from query page)
• registration for two different products, weekly or daily e-print notification
• weekly notification
  • e-mail for each database (astro, phys, preprint)
  • toc updates for a list of journals,
  • can login and retrieve a query or run the saved query on demand
• Daily e-print (new articles)
  • RSS
  • E-mail
• FAQs
  • Not run exactly every week, more like every 10 days
  • Old articles recently added to the database will appear as new articles
Historical Literature
• With a grant, hired some students to work on getting metadata for old volumes
• Missing journals – even if not on their list! Send her an e-mail.
• If you get a request for a specific journal you would like to see in ADS let her know.
• ESA-SPs are in progress getting scanned (yay!)
• She needs old ApJ Letters from the 1970

Harvard Sciences Digital Library
Michael Leach
Experiences with an institutional repository

• 7 months behind schedule
• Inability of new version to use math/phys symbols in title
• Handle system (permanent url) – won’t operate through a firewall right now. Alternatives to handle system aren’t accepted by d-space
• Click through copyright/license (not tested in Mass. State law)
  • Research articles (so authors have to obey those rules for original publication/publisher)
  • Data sets
  • Learning materials
  • Serials
  • Videos
  • Theses
• Logo issues, name issues with administration

• Getting content – researchers are lining up impatiently to give content (exception of math community)
• Content is ps or pdf almost exclusively
• No conflict with ADS

• High demand to store datasets
• How do you do it so it’s usable

Policies and Procedures
• Useful to the community
• Agreement on policies has been easier than expected
• Best practices

Big Questions
• Relationship to google print or google scholar?
• Relationship to non-science libraries
• Virtual journal or virtual subject overlays envisioned haven’t really happened
• Relationship to metasearch or federated search
• Redundancy and preservation
• How to get the man-hours to really support this

MMST – multi-mission at space telescope
International Virtual Observatory – collections of datasets
NAS – recent report asking what will be done to preserve these large datasets
DAS – at NASA GSFC digital assets system using a customized version of Dublin Core, Goddard Core.

Weblogs at the Library
David Bigwood,

• Easy to do
• Inexpensive
• A good way to distribute information in multiple formats automatically (IM, SMS, e-mail, RSS)
• Particularly helpful for new acquisitions lists
• Keep in mind
  • Less formal – but check spelling, grammar, etc.
  • Keep it up to date – don’t let it get stale, probably at least once a week
  • Write for your readers – what do they want to read and need to know

The whole point of weblogs is to tell our stories to our constituencies.

Note: Here are the PAM blogs I know about
Individual, professional (there are at least a couple of personal ones which I'm not sure the owners are advertising? feedback?)
  • Christina (mine!)
  • David
  • John
  • Catherine
  • Randy
  • Sara
I'll try to add to this when I'm a bit more awake

Edited: 6/13/05, 5pm (Eastern), added linking for blogs, fixed some bullets


Anonymous Peggy Dominy said...

Hi all!
Just wanted to add my blogs to the list...

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Blogger David said...

Here are the links to the LPI weblogs:

Recent Additions to the Library Collection at the Lunar and Planetary Institute

New & Noteworthy

Or the RSS feeds:


Full Text

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