Friday, June 16, 2006

How to Use RSS to Know More and Do Less

First off, what was SLA thinking when they put Jenny Levine into a tiny room to talk about RSS? Talk about crowd overflow!

The RSS Mob, Part I The RSS Mob, Part II

Once it was sorted out and the talk was moved to a larger room (which was still SRO), Jenny proceeded to live up to her reputation as a great speaker. (A link to her online presentation will be provided once it's available.) Basically, Web 2.0 is making net life easier to live; she presented several well-illustrated examples of using RSS (Bloglines, Feedster, Suprglu). Jenny talked about several ways to provide a feed to patrons (and several ideas of what to provide in a feed) , in order to "get more use out of work you're already doing". Great talk, and I came away with several ideas of things to implement at MPOW.

(Info from Jenny about her presentation is on her blog.)


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