Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Math Roundtable: Notes from my presentation on Math blogs

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There are quite a few math bloggers and some physicists who do a lot of math, mathematicians who work in physics, and math librarians (most or all of these are also science librarians).

Brief agenda:
  • what's a blog
  • v. v. quick discussion of informal scholarly communication of mathematicians
  • how mathematicians use blogs (by example)
  • doing math on blogs
  • listing of a few math blogs
What's a blog?
- Reverse chronological listing of discrete posts each with a permalink, and frequently the ability to comment/trackback. Has an archive that allows retrieval by date and may have a way to retrieve by assigned category.

V.V. quick discussion (no notes here, even!)

How mathematicians use blogs:
(note: not based on research, but an unscientific reading of a few of the most popular)
  • notes on readings outside of their core field
  • discussions of controversies in evolution, string theory...
  • math and the public
  • math and teaching
  • life as a graduate student
Doing math on blogs:
Not trivial perhaps, but solutions exist! (little joke there, get it?)
Some active "math" blogs (not arranged anyway in particular although flavor of math might be helpful... also just a smattering):
Can also look at Technorati's blogfinder math category.


Also, David mentioned . IMHO, social tagging is *another* web 2.0 technology, not competing, really.

For more information on how to monitor blogs, please refer to my article published in Online (July/August 2005). Feel free to ask, too :)


Blogger Craig said...

Thanks for the link Christina (I'm the author of Gooseania), I actually wrote an article about maths blogs for Mathematics Today magazine, which was published in February.

You can read it online by following the links in this post.

12:51 AM  

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