Saturday, May 19, 2007


So I've spent a bit of time on Second Life, and it is rather fun....our USC library system (aka the campus overall libraries admin) tech guy and I got on together about a mo. ago and got a tour of Info Island from the famous Donna Upshaw. I would love to do chat reference (we do QuestionPoint IM at USC), actually, with avatars, so we'd get a bit more clue of what the user was up to! Seriously. Also I have visions of how useful the place could be if vendors had presences - buildings, walls, etc., so my libn avatar could drag users to, e.g. the Web of Knowledge wall, and say, "see, here" this is how you do a cited ref. search....! Etc.!
But currently it seems a time waster for academic libraries. Other thoughts, disagreements?!

Sara T. aka Rosalie Sewell on SL


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