Friday, June 16, 2006

Web Development Roundtable

I attended the last half of this roundtable discussion (literally; the podium and projector sat unused, while the webmasters gathered around an oval table to talk), which comprised most of the division webmasters and a representative of SLA's IT department. Topics focused mostly on RSS, Wikis, and how to effectively use them in the libraries, although there was a side discussion that rapidly grew about the dissatisfaction some webmasters feel towards SLA IT and their predilection for changing things on the SLA website (or changing login requirements for FTP) without notifying any of the webmasters about it. It was a bit reassuring to hear that other divisions are having the same problems we are.

Hopefully we as a team can present our concerns to SLA IT in a calm, reasonable manner and maybe get them resolved in the coming year. I have my fingers crossed.


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