Sunday, June 03, 2007

Al Gore keynote

A few notes, since I'm in my room early, with slight tummy trouble.
  • Sorry, but the light was so low my shots did not turn out. (Also the stage is ill-lighted; when walk-about speakers like Gore would leave the podium, one could not see them that well on the projected screens due to the dim light!) {Or, is it just my old eyes?!}
  • expected, Former VP/Pres. (!) Al Gore was VERY well received! Also as expected (per my colleague MFM who's heard him before) he had lots of self-deprecating jokes. They were pretty funny, however, and he stopped just before they got to be too many, in my opinion.
  • LOVELY to have a keynoter who gets it re librarians! [In stark contrast to John Waters, whom I used to like, at ACRL, not even mentioning libraries/librarians!!]
  • Apparently pals w/ CEO Janice LaChance, from both their Beltway days
  • "I'm a recovering politician; on about the 9th step" [making amends]!
  • Librarians "now more than ever" in net info glut age
  • Information<->Democracy<->Freedom a recurring theme for him since journalist days
  • a middle quarter to third on global warming, but mostly info themed
  • Glad I went!


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