Thursday, March 12, 2009

PAM-wide Round Table Proposal

Here is what I propose for the PAM-wide RT.

(If you don't feel like signing up for this wiki, just give me [jokraus at du dot edu] your text, and I will slap it onto the wiki for you.)

I would like to propose that we take a good amount of time to introduce ourselves at the beginning of the session. In past years, the names of people and institutions would just "fly by".

As librarians, we are affiliated with our institutions, but the institution and the job does not define who we are.

For each person, we would like to hear:
  • Your name
  • Where you happen to work
  • A hobby of yours
  • Something that is on your mind (maybe something you are worried about, thinking about, or something you would like to learn at this session/conference.)
Once the introductions are done, then we can start to discuss the challenges of the day. Please keep your "presentations" to 5 minutes or less. In order to keep the presentations short, I would like to recommend oral presentations of topics. I would like the session to be "conversational" instead of "presentational".

If you need to present some slides (3 slides or less) for visual enhancement of your topic, please post them to a website or to the SlideShare event page ahead of time. This way, the "computer jockey" (volunteers?) can display the slides or provide the URL.

Here are some proposed agenda items for the second half of the meeting.
  • E-Science
  • Institutional Repositories that are worth their expense
  • Science Library Services through Mobile Applications for iPhones and other smart phones.
  • Budget issues
  • Academic librarians reaching out to K-12 teachers
  • Put your topic here...
  • Etc., etc., etc.
How does all this sound?

Please let me know what other agenda items you think might be hot topics.


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