Friday, April 01, 2011

2011 Call for Award Nominations

The PAM Awards Committee cordially invites you to submit, by May 1, your nominations for the 2011 PAM Division Award and/or for the 2011 PAM Achievement Award.  Previous recipients of the Division Award include the Jahrbuch Project, the American Physical Society, and John Gardner for developing assistive technologies.  Previous honorees of the Achievement Award include Martha Tucker, Bob Michaelson, Kris Fowler, and Molly White.  There are many more deserving colleagues and worthwhile endeavors to honor.  Please send nominations for individuals or groups to any of the committee members via the e-mail addresses listed below.  If you're thinking of someone but aren't quite sure if you can make the May 1 deadline, then please send a message to any of the committee members.

The PAM Division Award is given for significant contribution to the literature of physics , mathematics, or astronomy, or to honor work that demonstrably improves the exchange of information within these three disciplines.  The contribution also should benefit libraries or enhance the ability of librarians to better serve their patrons.  The contribution should be special - above and beyond the normal job requirements of the individual(s) or group concerned.  The honoree(s) may be a member(s) of SLA/PAM, but need not be.

The PAM Achievement Award is reserved for recipients whose professional work is marked by distinction and dedication to librarianship in astronomy, mathematics, and/or physics.  The award recognizes those members of SLA/PAM who have made outstanding contributions to the Division.

More details, guidelines for nominations, and a list of previous winners can be found on the PAM Division web site at  (PLEASE NOTE THAT WE HAVE EXTENDED THE DEADLINE TO MAY 1 for this year!)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your PAM Awards Committee:

Donna Thompson (Chair) (617)496-7660
Michael Fosmire    (765)494-2859
Danny Dotson       (614)688-0053

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