Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Annual Business Meeting: PAM Really Rocks!

The business meeting this morning was an all around good meeting. Minutes of the past year were reviewed and approved, as was a proposed change to the governing document. The treasurer's report was also presented. (Details will appear here or on PAMnet later.) The PAM Award was presented to Bob Michaelson (more on that later, including photos), and after brief reports from various committee members and an update on the 2008 conference planning by Parker Ladwig, our illustrious chair Joe Kraus surprised many of the members with a thank-you certificate for division work throughout the year. These included pieces of fossilized dinosaur bone, and meteorite chips - as the saying went, "PAM Really Rocks!"

Thanks to APS for their sponsorship of our breakfast meeting.

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Blogger Sara T. said...

Yes indeedy! PAM SO ROCKS!
Sara T., proud owner of a "dinosaur rock" from Joe K.!

10:28 PM  

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